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Villas and Courtyard Houses of Morocco

Villas and Courtyard Houses of Morocco


Illustrated with a generous selection of stunning photographs, this beautiful volume takes us behind the scenes to explore a side of Morocco that is largely hidden to outsiders.

Villas and Courtyard Houses of Morocco lifts the veil on secret paradises from fantastic palaces in Fez and Essaouira to middle-class riads in Marrakech and converted casbahs in the southern oases.

The book showcases exquisite interiors that combine rich materials such as cedar and marble; luxurious carpets and textiles; filigree carving and vibrant colour palettes. Also featured is the remarkable mosaicwork found in the central courtyard gardens and patios that form the heart of the Moroccan house.

Accompanying these sumptuous views is a vivid history of the country’s residential architecture and its fascinating mix of Andalusian, Arab and Saharan influences.

Corinne Verner is a cultural anthropologist living in Marrakech. Her dissertation on the Moroccan Sahara examined the similarities between the Maghrebi and Western cultures.
Ceacute;cile Treacute;al and Jean-Michel Ruiz have collaborated on several publications on Morocco, Madagascar and the Maghreb.

27.5 x 22.5 cm

ISBN: 0-500-51231-0

Виллы и дома Морокко

Издательство: THAMES and HUDSON

Цена: 2200руб

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