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Katie Ridder Rooms

Katie Ridder Rooms


    Katie Ridder`s extraordinary palette, her playful mix of antiques and modern pieces, and her eye for unusual decorative accents have established her as a leading figure in the world of interior design. Clients from Buenos Aires to San Francisco to Nantucket have commissioned Ridder to design their lofts, pavilions, summer houses, and luxury apartments. Now everyone can derive design inspiration from her unique approach - whether it`s something as charmingly simple as a coral finial atop a table lamp or as dramatically daring as intense blue walls stenciled in an oversize paisley motif - on every page of this idea-saturated book.

ISBN: 978-0-86565-272-9

Комнаты Кэти Риддер. Интерьеры

Издательство: Vendome Press

Цена: 3000руб

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