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Bruno Moinard: From Line to Light

Bruno Moinard: From Line to Light


 Bruno Moinard (b. 1956) is one of the leading interior architects working today. Based in Paris, his work can be seen in the Cartier stores in New York, Paris, and Milan; the Chatour Latour vineyard in Pauillac; Veuve Cliquot's Hotel du Marc in Reims; boutique hotels such as Chendu in China and the Plaza Athenee in Paris, and the Dorchester Grill restaurant in London. Moinard has also stamped his signature on sumptuous apartments, mansions, and homes worldwide. His style -- minimalist and warm, somber without being austere, elegant and timeless, and always focusing on light -- offers luxury without ostentation. Here, in stunning new photographs and magnificent sketches reproduced on vellum paper, his work is presented in five sections: light, materials, luxury, blueprints and furnishings, to inspire anyone looking for elegance and fresh ideas for interiors.

ISBN: 978-1-4197-2143-4

Издательство: Abrams

Цена: 3600руб

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