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1920s Style: How to Get the Look of the Decade

1920s Style: How to Get the Look of the Decade


  Gone was the corset; in was the right to bare arms and legs. The Roaring Twenties was a time of emancipation for women—and their fabulous clothes reflected that newfound freedom. 1920s Style captures this amazing turning point in fashion. An invaluable reference and a visual cornucopia of times past, it explores major designers and couture houses, technical achievements in textiles, and cultural influences. Illustrated with historical fashion photographs, colorful drawings and advertisements, and specially shot vintage clothing, this irresistible guide spills all the secrets you need to know to recreate the trends of the decade. Caroline Cox is a leading fashion authority whose work explores the relationship between fashion, beauty, and culture. A lecturer and broadcaster in the UK, she also works as a cultural trends advisor for Vidal Sassoon. Caroline is the author of Bags: An Illustrated History (Aurum) and Vintage Jewelry Design (Lark Crafts). She lives in London. Marnie Fogg is a fashion expert and media consultant on all aspects of the fashion industry in the UK. She taught fashion at the University of Nottingham and was a senior lecturer in fashion at the University of Wales. Marnie is the author of Vintage Handbags (Carlton) and Print in Fashion (Batsford). She lives in Derbyshire, England

ISBN: 978-1-78097-444-6

Стиль 1920-х: взгляд на десятилетие

Издательство: Carlton

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