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Wood houses 2

Wood houses 2


 Wood has been a traditional construction material for centuries all over the world, as it still is in many places today. Now there is a growing interest in using wood in modern residential architecture. Architects today are drawn to it for a variety of reasons including its sustainability, versatility, economy, and natural beauty. As a result, this environmentally sustainable material is becoming increasingly significant in today's domestic architecture. Wood, intrinsically beautiful in all of its forms, can be used in practically any part of the construction from a heavy structural frame to finely detailed cabinetry, and from flooring to roof shingles. These volumes document wood used in different buildings and constructions. Each house profile is illustrated with the architect's own plans and elevations and also numerous full-colour interior and exterior photographs that highlight the natural appeal of wood.

ISBN: 978-84-9936-373-8

Издательство: Slovart/FKG

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