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Frank Lloyd Wright: The Rooms

Frank Lloyd Wright: The Rooms


 An invitation into the evocative, human-scaled, and artful interiors designed by Wright. Frank Lloyd Wright: The Rooms presents the warm interior spaces and exceptional design work of this beloved American master. Wright was an early proponent of total design. Unsatisfied with what was available in designing a given space or home, he invented what was needed, developing a language of architectural detail and styling that is unique and which extended to the tables, bookcases, easy chairs, sofas, and cabinets; to rugs and murals; to stonework; to stained glass light screens, which served as windows, doors, and room partitions; and lighting. This approach was manifested distinctly in each of his residential projects. This book offers the reader an immersion into this work by means of extraordinary artful detail in intimately explored rooms and spaces. From the Oak Park Home and Studio in Illinois to the majestically appointed Darwin D. Martin House with its abundance of art glass, including Wright's famous Tree of Life and Wisteria designs, this luxurious volume ranges over the whole of Wright's oeuvre. It highlights a number of Wright masterpieces, including Hollyhock House, the mysterious Aztec-like home and arts complex built on a hill in Los Angeles; the Dana House, with its luminous butterfly transom glass; and the fabled living room at Fallingwater.

ISBN: 978-0-8478-4342-8

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