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Community Landscape Design

Community Landscape Design


 As the world is undergoing rapid urbanisation and demands for good housing in cities soar, we are looking for residential environment where we can take refuge from our intense and hectic lifestyle. This enticing book is a window to a diverse range of community landscape design creating exceptional living environment across the globe addressing this need of high-quality housing. This stimulating book is divided broadly into three sections—high-rise residential tower landscape, mid-rise residential block landscape and low-rise villa landscape as each category has its unique landscape character. The beautifully articulated projects in the book demonstrate how landscape architects integrate some key parameters like culture, context, sustainability and budget in their projects. It is hopefully that this book can be enlightening and instructive to both landscape designers and learners.

ISBN: 978-988-12968-8-7

Издательство: Design Media

Цена: 2100руб

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