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Markham Roberts: Decorating: The Way I See It

Markham Roberts: Decorating: The Way I See It


Known for his ability to work in any design vernacular, Markham Roberts brings a fresh approach to traditional and contemporary styles alike. His work is not defined by signature looks or design trends. Rather, using an inventive combination of layered patterns and color as well as bold juxtapositions of furniture of different styles and periods, custom designs, and works of art from around the world, he creates interiors that have been described as "the very definition of chic."

Roberts structures the book as he would a project, taking readers step-by-step through the design process, beginning with the basic interior elements—floor plan and furniture layout, color palette and fabric schemes, furniture selection, and incorporation of objects and art—and moves on to architecture, landscaping, and gardens, showing the important interrelationship between interior and exterior design. Finally, he puts all of the pieces together, using his own country house, a nineteenth-century gentleman’s farm in the Hudson Valley, as an example.

Illustrated with more than 350 photographs of some forty projects, including New York City apartments large and small, historic estates on Long Island, seaside Florida mansions, stately Southern and Midwestern houses, rustic Montana ski retreats, and modern Puget Sound compounds, Decorating: The Way I See It reveals Markham Roberts’s diversity and sophistication as a decorator. Whether working on private projects or for clients across the country, he infuses interiors with his personal, and exceptionally personable, touch.

ISBN: 978-0-865-65312-2

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