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Kurt Cobain: The Nirvana Years

Kurt Cobain: The Nirvana Years


   This unique telling of the story of Kurt Cobain's years with Nirvana is made up of quotes and interviews from the people who were there as the story was unfolding. Illustrated throughout with over 150 photographs, it's as near as possible to a day-by-day log of every significant event from the band's inception right through to Kurt Cobain's tragic early death. Spawned in the intensely fertile music scene that blossomed in and around Seattle in the late 1980s, Nirvana instantly distinguished itself by virtue of the singular passion that drove its leader, Kurt Cobain. The singer was imbued with incredible personal magnetism, as well as an uncommon gift for articulating the chaotic emotions of what has been called a lost generation, but his extreme distaste for the attention attracted by those talents proved overwhelming. Nirvana's influence is certain to be felt for many years to come, and this book looks for the reasons behind their seismic impact.

ISBN: 978-1-78097-400-2

Курт Кобэйн - годы в Нирване. Фотоальбом

Издательство: Carlton

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