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Link it! Masterpieces of Bridge Design

Link it! Masterpieces of Bridge Design


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Their function as a link between two or more places over otherwise impassable obstacles distinguishes bridges from all the other types of structures or buildings. In the history of mankind, they evolved with a great variety of profiles and construction methods. Today, new technologies allow the implementation of projects with previously unattainable shapes and sizes. Because bridges are very often particularly prominent and symbolic ventures, architects and engineers have to find the best balance possible between statics and design. From gigantic constructions that cross over huge bodies of water and delicate bridges as part of skyscrapers, to expressive arches in urban environments and minimalist structures in natural settings: This volume presents works that represent contemporary cutting-edge engineering as well as the esthetic highlights of recent years.

ISBN: 978-3-03768-175-6

Соедините это! Шедевры дизайна мостов

Издательство: Braun

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