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Rachel Ashwell Couture Prairie

Rachel Ashwell Couture Prairie


Think Marie Antoinette in jeans and a cowboy hat - that is Rachel Ashwell's prairie style. Rachel Ashwell Couture Prairie takes her signature pastels, ruffles and whimsical prettiness right to the heart of cowboy country. This is a journey in pictures and words, following Rachel through the fields of a little town called Round Top, home to one of the largest, most eclectic and vibrant antiques and flea markets in the world, and then back to Rachel's newly acquired bed-and-breakfast in Texas. Here Rachel's inspired finds, her creative imagination, eye for detail and her commitment to beauty, comfort and function have finally come together in one location: The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell — an irresistible destination. This book takes Rachel in a new direction, bringing her eye for cherished patinas and pastel prettiness into the endless landscapes and diverse architectural styles of Texas. Here you will see how her style adapts to corrugated metal sheeting and weathered timbers and how it brings new life to elegant period mansions. Chapter by chapter, the book leads you through Rachel's little houses on the prairie, from the Ranger's Lounge where hearty breakfasts are served, to the Pearl Barn, scene of wedding parties and celebrations, stopping off at the evocatively named guest accommodation: Blue Bonnet Barn, Cornflower Cottage, Meadow Manor, Faith Cottage and Liliput Lodge.

ISBN: 978-1-78249-043-2

Стиль прерий от-кутюр Рэйчел Ашвелл

Издательство: RPS / CICO

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