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Architectural Drawings

Architectural Drawings


This volume provides an overview of architectural drawings from the Middle Ages to the 19th centuries portraying the cultural habits, tastes and styles of each. The homes of the bourgeoisie in Vienna and London, the Sun Kings palace, the private residences of Italys oldest families all feature, as do places of worship that range from country churches to city cathedrals, royal chapels, solitary bell towers and large monumental complexes as well as the various transformations of St. Peters Basilica, the heart of Christendom. Sharply executed strokes of the pen evoke images of classic beauty as well as picturesque glimpses of hidden corners of Venice, bridges reflected in the water and buildings born of sheer fantasy. An awe-inspiring variety and richness of ideas and technical expertise.

ISBN: 978-88-6637-122-9

Архитектурные рисунки

Издательство: SLOVART

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