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Classical Invention

Classical Invention


Architect John B. Murray creates residences that harmonize the past with the present through stunning, meticulous design, from Fifth Avenue apartments to restored farmhouses in New England and Upstate New York to weekend getaways on Long Island Sound. He harbors a deep love of the principles of traditional architecture, while always embracing contemporary life. Through his mastery of classical detail and his profound commitment to quality in every aspect of architecture, Murray translates his clients’ ideas of home, comfort, and refinement into physical form.
In this richly illustrated collection of eighteen country and city residences, Murray reveals his design approach through engaging prose and drawings. For each project, he creates the traditional Beaux-Arts drawing known as the analytique, which brings together all of the significant elements of a design in a harmonious and balanced whole. Classical Invention reproduces these exquisitely hand-drawn studies alongside stunning photographs of each home.

"I have found the language of classical design to be a limitless source of invention as well as a true touchstone of quality . . . we have to look at our built history with a fresh eye, using it to create classically inspired spaces that are appropriate for our times." —John Murray - See more at: http://www.monacellipress.com/book/?isbn=9781580933681#sthash.ZSYKLb31.dpuf

ISBN: 978-1-58093-368-1

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