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Italy at its best: Palazzi of Rome

Italy at its best: Palazzi of Rome



Palazzi of Rome is a comprehensive photographic documentation of Roman villas and palaces. It does not only present images of the grand houses of the popes and the nobles of the city, but also set them in their historical framework. The brilliant photographs capture the atmosphere of the buildings in their full grandeur and exquisiteness. They lead readers past magnificently decorated façades and guide them through festively decorated halls and artfully arranged gardens. The text makes clear just how closely the history of the famed dynasties - the Borgheses, Farneses, Colonnas, Corsinis and other old families - is intertwined with their ancestral seats, and how for centuries the higher Roman nobility designed their palaces in the City of Cities as fitting reflections of their own glory. This competition for the most magnificent residence led to the construction of many of the city’s most famous buildings, including the palaces on the Capitol, the Palazzo Farnese, the Villa Borghese, the Quirinal and others, which still today are among the unmistakable hallmarks of the incomparable city of Rome.

Massimo Listri lives in Florence, where he works with renowned art journals. He has contributed to numerous photographic volumes about Italy, other European countries, and other continents.

ISBN: 978-3-8480-0331-0

Италия в лучшем виде: дворцы Рима

Издательство: Ullmann

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