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After the global hit Ars Sacra, Rolf Toman and his team embark on a journey once more. The famous French cathedrals of Chartres, Reims and Laon are not the only highlights of this volume. Outstanding treasures of medieval imagery such as religious panel paintings, Madonna statues, illumination and goldsmith art; courtly culture also gets attention.

With his passion and meticulousness, photographer Achim Bednorz succeeded to get details in front of his camera that cannot even be perceived on the original locally. The photographs that are exclusive for this volume are particularly well-presented in their large format. The author Bruno Klein wrote his take on Gothic history to fit, and swiftly takes the reader into a past medieval world almost forgotten.

ISBN: 978-3-8480-0040-1

Искусство Готики

Издательство: Ullmann

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