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The Painted Home by Dena

The Painted Home by Dena


Dena Fishbein believes that putting a paintbrush in someone’s hands opens up the imagination to a new world of color and design opportunities.

The woman behind internationally acclaimed merchandise company Dena Designs shows how her hand-painted style combines vintage and traditional elements with a modern twist. Here she walks the reader through her own home, room by room, and discusses her inspirations and methods for encouraging creativity.

The Painted Home features simple DIY projects, useful design tips, and personal stories from one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the textile and design business. The book also includes a custom stencil so that readers can launch into the DIY projects themselves.

ISBN: 978-1-58479-962-7

Расписанные дома от Дены

Издательство: The Painted Home by Dena

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