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Thomas O’Brien. Aero

Thomas O’Brien. Aero


Thomas O'Brien is an interior and home furnishings designer based in New York City. He is the founder and president of Aero Studios, one of America's most respected design firms and the proprietor of Aero, the influential home boutique located within that studio setting. O'Brien is widely recognised for his collection of Thomas O'Brien Vintage Modern products and for his own brand of newly classic home furnishings in partnership with great American companies such as Reed & Barton and Hickory Chair, to name a few.
In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the famed design studio, Aero covers the history and aesthetic of O'Brien's landmark Soho/New York design studio and store. It is here at Aero that Thomas O'Brien formulated the 'warm modern' look that brought him instant recognition in the early years of his career, leading to many of his acclaimed interiors. It is here, too, that as a young businessman O'Brien planted creative roots in New York, merging downtown's industrial and artistic culture with the luxurious elegance of the pre-war city uptown. This book will give readers a glimpse into the evolution of O'Brien's acclaimed design style through never before seen images of homes, products and the store itself. Heading into its twentieth year, Aero is a fixture in New York's downtown Soho neighbourhood. The Aero banner remains an emblem of Soho's modern arts and gallery legacy, as one of the original designer outposts in the area, and a destination for shoppers from around the city and the world.

ISBN: 978-1-4197-0675-2

Томас ОБрайен. Аэро. Фотоальбом

Издательство: Abrams

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