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Ars Sacra

Ars Sacra


Christianity is the most widespread religion in the world. ARS SACRA pays the due tribute to its art and architecture; a comprehensive compendium presenting just under 2000 years of Christian art, from early Christianity to the present day, with an abundance of illustrations. These include high quality photographs in XXL-format, making this an opulent feast for the senses. This glorious tome impresses with the detail views specifically fitted for the format, which allows the viewer to come within grasp of the displayed objects, often even closer than in reality, and to leisurely indulge in the details. Excellently researched texts take the reader on a tour through the epochs and highlight the specific changes in the sacral art, architecture, and culture over the centuries. ARS SACRA as the standard work is all in one: fascinating glorious tome, comprehensive compendium, and substantial textbook.

ISBN: 978-3-8480-0895-7

Арс Сакра. Фотоальбом

Издательство: Ullmann

Цена: 6500руб

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