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Bridge. Architecture + Design

Bridge. Architecture + Design


443 illustrations

From the contents:
* Millau Viaduct in France (Foster + Partners)
* Rügen Bridge in Stralsund, Germany (André Keipke and Karl Kleinhanss)
* Jerusalem Light Rail Bridge, Israel (Santiago Calatrava)
* Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge in Washington, D.C. USA (Rosales + Partners)
* Brick Pit Ring in Sydney, Australia (Durbach Bloch Architects)

Bridges are among humanity\'s oldest, most important und most prominent constructions. For a long time, bridge construction was dominated mainly by functional criteria, but today the visual appearance is gaining in importance once again. Cutting-edge building technology allows the implementation of exciting, previously unattainable constructions.

Masterpieces: Bridge Architecture + Design showcases the great variety of construction solutions in 69 contemporary bridge building. It presents monumental bridges and the highest level of design efforts of declared specialists as well as famous architects, whose work usually focuses on other sectors.

Переплет: твердый, 230 х230 мм
Количество страниц: 304
Год издания: 2009
Язык: Английский, Французский, Немецкий

ISBN: 978-3-03768-025-4

Мосты. Архитектура и дизайн

Издательство: Braun

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