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Architectural Stories by Bernard de Clerck

Architectural Stories by Bernard de Clerck


Bernard De Clerck (1959) is one of the main Belgian architects of his generation. His designs testify to great respect for our rich architectural heritage: both in his new construction projects and his numerous renovations this ambassador for “Flemish Living” argues for a return to the traditional values in a contemporary context in which the comfort of living is central. Traditional craftsmanship, a historical approach, an exciting mix of old and new, a passion for weathered materials and details ... are characteristic for each architectural “story” by Bernard De Clerck.
Переплет: твердый, 340 х 270 мм
Количество страниц: 304
Год издания: 2009
Язык: Английский

ISBN: 978-90-8944-015-0

Архитектурные рассказы Бернара де Клерка

Издательство: Beta-Plus

Цена: 3750руб

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