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This book highlights how this movement was a true European art movement. Not only did it penetrate painting all across Europe but it also influenced literature and music. Our AC Romanticism sheds light on the internationality of this art movement and helps the reader get acquainted with the major players of this fascinating movement

About the Author
Director of the Mus#195;©e des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, L#195;©on Rosenthal was a teacher of Art History at the famous Lyc#195;©e Louis le Grand. After his Sandro Botticelli and his Reputation at the Present Time , Ernst Gombrich credits him with the observation that Botticelli s popularity was primarily because his figures could have so many different attributes read into them. Rosenthal wrote many books which are now considered as unmissible as his G#195;©ricault, or Romantic Painting: Essay on the Evolution of French Painting f rom 1815 to 1830.

# Hardcover: 200 pages
# Publisher: Parkstone Press (30 Jun 2008)
# Language English
# ISBN-10: 1844844587
# ISBN-13: 978-1844844586
# Product Dimensions: 28.1 x 24.6 x 2.4 cm

ISBN: 978-1-84484-458-6


Издательство: Parkstone

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