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Alliott Wedding Day

Alliott Wedding Day


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A wickedly witty new novel from the Sunday Times number 1 bestselling author of A MARRIED MAN

A witty and charming tale from bestselling novelist, Catherine Alliott. Annie OHarran is the wrong side of thirty. A harassed single mother, shes escaped her faithless first husband and, against all expectations, met her hero. Now, she has a blissful summer ahead to plan their wedding. First, however, she must escape constant interruptions to meet the urgent deadline on her novel. But no sooner has she arrived at a fabulous writers retreat in Cornwall than the doorbell starts ringing...Just as long as none of the visitors affects her big day at the end of the summer...

ISBN: 0-7472-6723-5

Элиотт - День Свадьбы


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